Wildflowers for Jade: July 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Introducing Chase & Pip!

I added some new tabs to play with so must take a moment to introduce them to you!

First, Chase & Pip star in my first (almost) published children's book, "I Go Exploring".

The page is a little bit under construction. Bad form, I know. My apologies.

Second I'm please to introduce to you Wildflowers for Her!
We begin with a collection of my best poetry, and it's really pretty good. :)
As many writers know, poetry and short stories are rarely money makers, especially while you're still alive. I could have waited until I'm dead but I'm a bit too impatient for that. So instead of allowing them to continue to gather dust and cobwebs I've decided to share them. Click on the link above and follow Wildflowers for Her, or join the email list, to receive updates when I post the short stories. IMO it's worth a look!
Maybe I'll post some inspirational posts "for her" as well. What? I can be inspirational. Stop laughing. 


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