Wildflowers for Jade: February 2013

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Not so comandive

If I had to name my parenting character flaws, one would be that I am probably too lax with Jaden. Not much; IMO there's a lot to be said for being casual in parenting. But maybe a little. 

Perhaps no child, still being a child, will ever confess their environment to be not restrictive enough. No matter how unrestrictive it is. 

Following a joke I made to him about his future self and his future kids, he replied "Except I wouldn't be as comandive as you are." 

"'Comandive'?" I said in surprise. "You think I'm comandive?" 

As an aside, I didn't think it was the time to correct his grammar, and I kind of like the way he makes up words. 

"Yes, you are a little," he said, putting two fingers together closely. OK only a little, whew. But I was still bemused. 

"Wait," I said laughing. "You're bossy *now*! I don't think you're going to change that much when you grow up." 

He still insisted he'd do it better, so I went through the list with him. 

"So… you won't make your kids go to bed? Will you let them stay up as long as they want?" 

"No, I'll make them go to bed." 

"Will you make them take baths?" 

"Yes." (That's a relief.) 

"Will you make them pick up their own toys sometimes, or will you be ok with cleaning up after everyone all by yourself?" 

I know his weakness. His eyes widened at the thought of having to not only clean up after himself, but clean up other people's messes all day as well. 

"No, I'll make them clean up their toys." 

I continued ruthlessly, referring to an 'argument' we'd had earlier over his one regular chore. 

"Will you ask your kids to help around the house and help you put up the groceries?"

"No I won't," he insisted.  

"Then that's the only point you won't be as 'bossy' as me. So you are you ok with doing everything by yourself?" 

He winced and stuttered, then a look of revelation crossed his face. 

"No, wait a minute," he said with dawning relief. "I won't have to do all that. I'll have a wife."

And so the Y chromosome rears it's head again.