Wildflowers for Jade: Jaden's Journey

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jaden's Journey

What's behind that fence? The dog park of course!
Searching through my (literally) thousands of photos tonight, I came across this picture. It was taken 3 years ago, almost exactly, when Jaden was little over 13 months old. We took Jaden to the park that day, to play in the grass and pull him in the wagon. Suddenly he became very focused. Walking was still new to him but he was determined. We were curious. Where did our little one want to go so badly? Slowly and with many falls along the way he climbed up the hill. That’s when we saw and heard what his keen senses had picked up all that long way. He’d made his way to the dog park! Later, I cut and pasted the photos that we took and dubbed it “Jaden’s Journey”.
Looking back, I believe it’s that fierce determination and fearlessness that has brought Jaden this far, and will bring him the rest of his journey, wherever he wants to go. He’s always had his very own ideas and “no” is a hard concept for him. Sure, that’s made parenting an interesting and sometimes scary challenge, but I love that about him. I’ve always thought “But it’s these determined children that are going to change the world!”
My baby boy told me yesterday that he was going to be an astronaut. Then he decided he was going to be “Buzz Lightyear.” Because he’s a hero.
I’ve no doubt that Jaden will find a way to go wherever he’s determined to go on his journey. I am also determined, and am working to clear away some of the obstacles in his path. Hate, prejudice, stereotypes, neuro-typical entitlement, pity.
It’s his journey but he doesn’t go alone.

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