Wildflowers for Jade: About Us

About Us

Gaynell Buffinet Payne
I'm a single mother, writer, and photographer. I like short walks on the beach and dancing in drizzle, but not in the pouring rain because it gets in my eyes. 
I'm a native of South Louisiana but have lived in Nashville long enough that it had to finally adopt me. I'm still negotiating for warmer weather here during the winter months. 

I'm currently working on several books, learning to Xcode, and have recently become a homeschool teacher at the School of Payne Freedom Child Academy. 

Jaden Payne has aspirations to become the first combination Astronaut/Artist/Scientist as well as superhero, and is working hard towards that goal. Those around him are confident that he can succeed. Favorite pastimes include destroying tiny villages, recreating movies so that the villains always win, taking an ungodly amount of photos with his mom's camera phone, and learning every line to every Godzilla and Superhero movie ever made.

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