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Monday, November 14, 2016

Untitled is still a title

I started this blog so, so many years ago shortly before Jaden got his autism diagnosis. I’m actually a fairly private person (no, really) and even more, I try to stay respectful of my son’s privacy. I don’t post things about him that I wouldn’t have wanted posted about me growing up. Which means I didn’t write about a great many things, even if they could help others. Mistakes and issues and various quirks are part of the growing. I’ll leave full(er) disclosure for when he’s old enough to consent.

But – and especially at the time Jaden was diagnosed – autism fears, misconceptions, and ‘woe is me’ parenting attitudes dominated the headlines. Perhaps sometimes they still do, but my eyes have turned elsewhere. So this blog became about him, and really how awesome he is, and me trying to figure out my own part in his world.  Guess what? Being a parent is hard, and parenting a child with special needs is even harder. Mostly because we don’t want to screw it up. Because raising a child right is so very important. The most important thing.

I’m still completely dedicated to special needs advocacy and parental education and this isn’t a goodbye post. But I have to tell you why things might not be the same. Well, obviously things aren’t going to stay the same. Jaden isn’t 3 anymore and I’m not still lost and desperate. We got this. We climbed the *bleeping* mountain. I forged paths that others could follow, if they want to.

And when I got him to stable ground, it was time to do the same for myself. So I went back to college and instead of writing blog posts I’m writing papers. Actually, I’m still writing blog posts for my college because I work there as well. So we’re both in school, and I’ve joined the American ranks of the way-too-busy to sleep. Which is… really not much different than too stressed to sleep.

But we’re happy. And that’s different.

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